One-of-a-Kind Custom Designed Landing Page for Your Brand
in Just One Week
Branding, Storytelling, Copywriting, Custom Web Design, and Development.
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One-of-a-Kind Custom Designed Landing Page
for Your Brand
in Just One Week
Our finished projects are replenished every week
No more boring, generic templates. But at the exact same price
as all of those MFs
Fast. Unique. A Masterpiece. Are you ready to thrive?
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No more boring, generic templates.
But at the exact same price as
all of those MFs
Process and Timeline
Our one-week delivery timeline isn't just a marketing slogan; it's our genuine promise and commitment. You'll have your top-tier, custom-designed landing page within this timeframe.
Please note, we require 100% prepayment as confirmation of your commitment.
Discovery Zoom
Call to discuss details and capture the essence of your business and brand.
You provide us with all necessary (photos, ideas, information, etc.
Two days for us to create and finalize the custom design.
Five days to develop and set up your new masterpiece.
Last-minute adjustments
You become the proud owner of a world-class design landing page that sets you apart from your competitors.
*It's crucial to maintain constant communication during the creative process to ensure we incorporate your feedback effectively. Additionally, the one-week timeframe depends on your responsiveness and collaboration.
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When Can We Begin?
As you can see, we're quite occupied at the moment, with a line of clients already on our waiting list.
Rest assured, we're making every effort to prioritize your project and get started with you as soon as possible.
The one-week production period will commence once we shake hands.
In the meantime, let's talk to better understand how we can serve your business.
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"How much will this
work of art cost me?"
Prepare to be pleasantly surprised.
We could easily price our landing pages at $10K+, given the level of design and production quality we offer. However, our aim is not to charge you the highest possible amount. Our intention is to assist as many businesses as possible in thriving in this digital era. We genuinely take pleasure in crafting our art and witnessing the excitement of our clients when they see their new landing pages.
Landing pages $3,999 to $7,999 (*average $4,999)
This covers everything – and I mean absolutely everything – as part of our "done for you" service. You don't even need to give it a second thought. Concentrate on your business, and we'll take care of the rest.
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The common question is,
"How much will this work of art cost me?"
Do you require more than just a top-tier landing page?
After the completion of their landing pages, 90% of our clients often inquire, "What's next?"
While our primary focus is on landing page production, we also function as a full in-house marketing team.
What else can we offer your business?
Product Launch Formula, Sales Funnels and Promotional Campaigns
Our approach to product launches and promotions involves comprehensive management, providing various "done for you" services, including:
Crafting the main story and unique selling proposition
Copywriting for every segment of the system
Production of a series of landing pages
Development of a content and marketing plan
Creation of an email series for product launches
Setting up auto-webinar structures, platforms, and presentations
Establishing Mighty Networks courses and community platforms
Running promotional campaigns on Instagram/Facebook
Implementing LinkedIn promotional campaigns
Managing email marketing
Developing scripts for
ads, videos, masterclasses,
and courses
Let's start with a conversation to discuss your goals, and we'll tailor a solution for you.
Providing marketing consulting
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Let's say you have an idea, a product, or a service you're looking to launch or elevate to
the next level
We can handle everything for you, all in one place, and bring your idea to life.
In fact, we successfully launched an entire project for Alvaro Nunez in just two weeks, without him having to worry about a thing.
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Of course, you might be wondering, "Who the hell are you?"
We're simply a team of friends and we’re living our life creating what we love. Some people have described us as marketing geniuses (though it's not a term we use ourselves; we prefer to stay humble)
Here are three straightforward facts to demonstrate that we know what we're talking about:
*Each of us has over 10 years of experience in marketing.
*Collectively, we've managed promotional campaigns with budgets exceeding $10 million.
*We've collaborated on over 100 projects worldwide.
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Of course, you might be wondering,
"Who the hell are you?"
We understand that the «marketing rules» require us to include a mundane, boring and meaningless section filled with questions and answers.
However, we genuinely respect both your time and ours. And we'd much prefer instead of this BS to have a genuine conversation with you to understand your specific needs.
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